As healthcare professionals seek greater accessibility and relevance in their professional development, high-quality online continuing education courses and emerging technologies will only continue to grow in importance.

Through ExamCenter911, healthcare professionals can keep up to date with the latest trends, and ensure they are providing the best care possible to their patients.

Advanced Certifications/Courses

Rapid Response Hospital Courses

Basic Certifications/Courses

ExamCenter911 offers online training and continuing education for:

Community Health Care Providers

Community health care providers are vital to today’s health care system. ExamCenter911 provides online education and core competency evaluations that improve public, community and patient safety. We provide online training for:

Our Training Goals and Objectives

  • Promote education among community and health care providers.
  • Promote safety with the community as well as hospitals and health care organizations.
  • Evaluate core competency on a particular subject matter.
  • Provide training and credentialing in both a time efficient and cost effective manner.

How ExamCenter911 Courses are Structured

ExamCenter911 courses are self-contained. This means the courses are structured so that study and test materials are presented together in a series of multiple-choice or true-false questions. No outside study materials need to be downloaded; simply select a course, register, then answer each of the questions in the course.

Answers to the test questions will contain a summary that explains the answer in more detail. This summary provides a built-in educational study guide to assist users in gaining knowledge of the concepts in the course.

Some courses contain questions with videos. Click on the video to view it and answer “Yes” to obtain credit for the particular question before moving to the next item in the course.

ExamCenter911 courses have a huge advantage:

  • Train from the comfort of home….and love it!
  • Courses can be completed on your schedule and at your own pace.
  • Log in and take courses at any time and as often as needed.
  • Training is confidential and can be repeated as needed.
  • A Certificate of Course Completion is provided immediately after successful completion (available for download and printing and is stored within our database).
  • Training records are stored and available 24/7/365. You can always access your record if you need to verify continuing education training.