Child Care Provider Basic Certification

Course Description:

Course and certification offers the basics in providing safe care for children.

  • 50 Questions
  • 85% Successful Course Completion
  • 2.0 Continuing education contact hours
  • Certificate of course completion / certification is available for print with successful course completion

Goals and Objectives:

  • Improve safety for the care of children
  • Provide the basics for safe child care

Topics and Content:

  • Normal child development
  • Developmental miles stones
  • Developmental delays and those at risk
  • Safe ways to hold a child
  • Injury prevention
  • Child Proofing and accidental poisoning prevention
  • Parental contact and emergency information
  • Illness and illness prevention in children
  • Immunizations

Target Audience:

  • Child care providers
  • Parents and foster parents
  • Early child care providers, baby sitters and Nannies
  • Day care Center workers
  • Course is open for anyone interested in providing safe child care

Registration Fee: $33.50

To register, click the link below.