DUI/Alcohol & Substance Abuse Certification

Course Description:

This course is recommended for any person seeking a DUI school with certificate of course completion.
Upon successful course completion, you can print now or save and print later your certificate of course completion.

Training is confidential and can be completed at no additional charge if needed.

  • 100 Questions, including videos for educational credit
  • 85% Successful Course Completion
  • Certificate of course completion available upon completion
  • Training record database  access available 24/7/365
  • Each question has an education module, read the  to the point education module or view video, then move forward
  • Testing is graded immediately via computerized learning and score available upon completion

Target Audience:

  • Criminal charges of DUI /DWI
  • Moving traffic violations related to alcohol or substance abuse
  • Insurance agency requirement for point reduction
  • DMV requirements for DUI and substance abuse (check with state DMV for any questions)

Topics and Content:

  • Alcohol and impairment and state laws
  • Legal blood alcohol level
  • Alcohol related traffic collisions
  • Definition and education on “impaired”
  • Effects of alcohol when operating a motor vehicle
  • Effects on drugs and prescription medication
  • Legal definitions related to manslaughter and other  traffic offenses
  • Definition and review of death by motor vehicle and related charges
  • Substance abuse, drugs and driving
  • Moving traffic violations
  • Distracted drivers
  • Stopped school buses
  • Traffic law review and education
  • Drivers safety review

Certificate of Course Completion available upon successful course completion.

Registration Fee  $125.50

To register, click the link below.