2024 Vascular Access Competency and Certificate of Course Completion

Course Description:

This course certification is a basic certification to evaluate core competency in the safe principles and techniques of vascular access.

  • 70 Questions
  • 85% Successful Course Completion
  • 3.0 Continuing education contact hours
  • Renewal 2 years

Goals and Objectives

  • Promote safety associated with vascular access
  • Decrease infections associated with vascular access
  • Provide basic academic competency in vascular access with peripheral vascular access

Topics and Content

  • Basic anatomy locations for obtaining vascular access
  • Video demonstrations included within the exam questions
  • Video demonstrations on obtaining peripheral vascular access
  • Vascular access devices and gauge sizes, safety catheters
  • Taping and securing of vascular access devices
  • Peripheral access using ultrasound guided technique video demonstration
  • Central line access with video demonstration
  • External jugular vascular access with video demonstration
  • Intraosseous access in adults with demonstration video
  • Intraosseous access in infants and children with video demonstration
  • PICC Lines access with video
  • PICC line anatomy and placement
  • Port-a-cath anatomy and insertion with video demonstration
  • Port-a-cath access with video
  • Central line dressing change video demonstration

Target Audience:

  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Allied health professional responsible for vascular access
  • Home health healthcare providers
  • Paramedics and critical care transport personnel
  • Students

Registration Fee for Students: $32.50

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