2024 EpiPen® Education, Training and Certification

Certification Goals and Objectives

  • Provide education on the use of EpiPen and EpiPen Jr
  • Provide education on the early recognition of anaphylaxis and the need for EpiPen use
  • Identify the symptoms associated with an anaphylactic reaction

Target Audience

  • Educators, teachers and school officials
  • Anyone responsible for medication administration
  • Nurses, physicians and healthcare providers
  • Daycare staff
  • Summer camp staff
  • Law enforcement providers that use EpiPens
  • Parents
  • Individuals with history of severe allergic or anaphylactic reactions
  • Anyone interested in education regarding the use of EpiPen

Course Content

  • What is an EpiPen
  • When EpiPens are used
  • Anaphylactic reactions
  • Adverse reactions
  • Anaphylactic reactions can be fatal
  • Symptoms of anaphylactic reaction
  • Facial edema
  • Airway compromise
  • Hives
  • Common allergens
  • Anaphylactic reactions may occur
  • EpiPen is not a substitute for emergency medical care
  • Call 911
  • Shock
  • Epinephrine and adrenalin
  • Epinephrine doses
  • Adults
  • Pediatrics and children
  • EpiPen auto injector
  • EpiPen Jr
  • Injection kits
  • Injection sites
  • Videos EpiPen
  • Training yearly, training and equipment checks
  • 25 questions

Course Completion includes the following:

Certificate of Course Completion (available online immediately after successful course completion)Wallet card with course information, requires card holder signature if printed.

Registration Fee:  $32.50

To register, click the link below.