The concept for began in 1993 as an American Heart Association Pilot Project to provide training for healthcare professionals. From this project, a Training Center was developed from the Chapel Hill American Heart Association Affiliate office in North Carolina. As a result of restructuring, the Training Center evolved into an exclusive online training and credentialing center in 2010. Today, quality training is provided through the web site.

ExamCenter911 is an online training center that provides continuing education contact hours, certifications and core competencies for both medical and community health care providers through basic and advanced training courses.

The certifications and training focus on a particular subject and provide educational modules and an evaluation exam. This evaluation provides an assessment of core knowledge and competency of the topic.

Certifications provide nurses, physicians, medical professionals, allied health professionals and community health care providers with core knowledge and understanding of a topic.

ExamCenter911 promotes and improves public safety in medical settings and within the community. ExamCenter911’s online training is ideal for both mobile and military personnel. Training records are stored and maintained in a database, and easily accessible 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days a year.