2022 Basic Drivers Education Exam

Exam Course Description:

This course is recommended for any person seeking basic driver’s education program.

  • 100 questions
  • 85% successful completion score
  • Certificate of successful completion
  • Retake exam with no additional charge

Target Audience:

  • Drive eligible candidates preparing for driver’s license exam
  • Homeschoolers
  • High school driver’s education students

Topics and Content:

  • Basic driver’s education
  • Drivers safety
  • Department of Motor Vehicles laws and regulation
  • Learner permit and permanent driver’s license
  • Road signs
  • Hazardous road conditions
  • Inexperienced drivers and regulations
  • Railroad crossings
  • Distracted drivers
  • Seat belts – the law
  • Alcohol and the effects on drivers
  • Medications and driving while impaired
  • Legal blood alcohol limits
  • Legal charges related to vehicle injury and death
  • Prescription medications and impairment
  • Substance abuse, drugs and effects on drivers

Course completion includes the following:

Certificate of Course Completion (available online for download immediately after successful course completion)

Registration Cost: $25.50

To register, click the link below.