Food Service Safety Certification

Course Description:

Course and certification provides participants with the basics in proper food handling, the prevention of cross contamination, an introduction to food borne illness and illness prevention. Proper hygiene including hand washing to aid in the prevention of food borne illness transmission.

  • 2.0 Continuing Education Contact hours
  • 25 Questions
  • Successful completion 85%
  • Certificate of course completion available to print with successful completion
  • Training record maintained in database and available online through the "grade book" section
Course Goals and Objectives:
  • Promote safe handling of food within the food service industry
  • Provide education to ensure that food is handled in a proper and safe manner to prevent illness
Course Content and Topics:
  • Basics of safe food handing
  • Cross contamination and preventing illness
  • Hygiene and proper hand washing
  • Food borne illnesses and illness prevention
  • Receiving food shipments
  • Food storage
  • Food temperature regulation
  • Proper food cooking temperatures
  • Reheating foods
Course Target Audience:
  • Restaurant and food service workers
  • Fast food workers
  • Hospital and cafeteria employees and staff
  • Health Care and residential food handlers
  • School and public food service industry
  • Disaster Service Personnel
Course Fee: $12.50




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