Fire Safety and Burn Recognition Certification

Course description:

Course meets guidelines for OSHA mandated fire and safety training.

  • Course Certificate of course completion is issued upon successful completion
  • Basic Fire and Burn Safety Certification
  • 2.0 Continuing Education Contact hours
Goals and Objectives:
  • Improve public safety through education and reduction of risk factors associated with fires
  • Reduce fire related death through education and training
  • Provide first aid and emergency treatment guidelines according to American Heart Association guidelines
Course topics and content:
  • Identification of residential fire hazards
  • Statistical data regarding residential fires
  • Fire Extinguishers and their proper use
  • Fire alarms
  • Fire Evacuation plans
  • Burns identification
  • Burns and the rules of nine
  • Initial first aid treatment of burns
  • Identification of residential fire hazards
  • Identification of areas where fires are most likely to occur
  • Identification of most common causes of residential fire
  • Identification of those at most risk to die in a fire
  • Burn identification
  • Smoke inhalation first, second, third and fourth degree burns
  • Airway Concerns
  • Facial burns
Certification fee; $12.50




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